3 Ways Your Route Optimization Software Can Increase Brand Loyalty

Brand loyalty can be a significant advantage that sets you apart in a competitive business environment. Customers who are committed to your products and services offer repeat business, referrals, and spend more per purchase than newly acquired customers.

Acquiring a new customer can cost anywhere from 5 to 7 times more than retaining an existing customer; however, increasing customer retention by just 5% can improve profits by 25-95%¹.

To inspire brand loyalty and create a strong customer base it is vital to have an element of differentiation, to set your business apart from the competition. You may find that a superior customer experience is a factor that sets you apart from competitors, making customers return to your service or product again and again, in some cases irrespective of lower prices or special offers available elsewhere.

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In the delivery industry, customers value speed, security, and communication. GetSwift is more than simple route optimization software – it is a full-service driver and customer interface application with a variety of features that can help to improve the speed of delivery, security of the product, and communications between the business, driver, and end customer.

An enterprise can use GetSwift to improve these three elements of the customer experience, providing a higher level of satisfaction to drive brand loyalty and repeat business.

1. Delivery speed
The speed of a delivery is the most significant variable in customer satisfaction, with over 60% of consumers across markets² naming it a key factor in overall satisfaction.

GetSwift improves delivery speed with both static and dynamic route optimization, ensuring that drivers always have the best information to get from one stop to the next. Live route updates allow drivers to avoid unpredictable traffic and construction delays and make deliveries on time.

2. Security
Security is an essential feature for customers and businesses, ensuring that products are correctly delivered, in excellent condition, without the risk of damage or theft.

GetSwift security features include proof of delivery with signature confirmation, increasing the consumer’s comfort level with delivery tracking, and providing a traceable verification system that can be used for resolution of customer complaints as well as for internal data analytics and reporting.

3. Communication
Communication is the foundation of a satisfying customer experience. Brand loyalty is not dependent upon never having an issue – although, of course, reducing delivery errors improves customer satisfaction overall – it depends more on the sufficient resolution of problems when they do arise. And useful, real-time communication is vital to the immediate investigation and resolution of customer complaints.

GetSwift can help to improve communications between your business and customers in many ways. First, real-time job tracking means that companies can always locate deliveries en-route, should any questions arise. Live ETAs and ETA predictors can give your customers access to driver location data on their own devices, along with customizable SMS alerts for delivery estimates and updates.

GetSwift also provides customers with the opportunity for real-time feedback. A star rating and comments from the consumer give your company immediate information about the customer experience so that feedback can be monitored and issues resolved in real time.

With GetSwift you improve the overall performance of delivery services, which in turn will enhance customer satisfaction and drive brand loyalty.

Brand loyalty and repeat business from existing customers are essential in a competitive business environment. Actively working to retain customers and improve customer satisfaction can, in the long run, provide your company with a significant advantage over competitors. GetSwift can help, by helping you to create a speedy, secure, and satisfying customer experience every time.

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