6 Dispatch Software Features to Improve Your Delivery Fleet Performance

Managing a fleet is a challenging proposition for delivery companies, but with the right tools, can be an opportunity to improve and empower the delivery side of your business. Dispatchers must balance customer satisfaction with asset optimization, performance management, efficiency, and safety; along with a host of additional concerns.

Technology can be one way to balance competing priorities and maximize the potential of your fleet. Here are 6 dispatch software features that can help your dispatchers utilize your delivery fleet most efficiently:

1. Route Optimization
Route optimization features allow a business to plan deliveries for the most cost-effective delivery routes, improving driver time management and fuel efficiency. Dynamic optimization can be used to update drivers en-route, to avoid costly, unpredictable traffic and construction delays.

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2. Automated Dispatching
Automated dispatching provides a business the opportunity to create specific rules that automate dispatch processes under particular circumstances. For instance, a ‘notify all drivers’ setting will message each driver when they come online. ‘Smart notifications’ may be created to offer jobs to the best-rated drivers first, moving down a pre-set list until a delivery is accepted. ‘Expanding proximity’ is a smart notification based on physical location rather than driver rating, messaging the closest drivers in an expanding radius.

3. Live ETA / ETA Predictor
Effective communication is essential for customer satisfaction. With an accurate ETA predictor, the customer knows what to expect and when; and with live ETA updates, a customer can be kept apprised of any changes in real time. Some dispatch software even allows customers to access delivery driver location information on their own devices, for real-time access to driver location information.

4. Driver Management
Dispatch software can include many features that are related to managing delivery drivers. Real-time location services mean that dispatchers can pinpoint the physical location of any driver at any time. Proof of delivery, live shift analytics, and real-time customer feedback allows businesses to become aware of and address customer issues immediately, improving overall satisfaction and retention rates. Automated notifications and real-time route updates help to ensure that drivers stay on task while on the clock.

5. Business Intelligence and Analytics
A dispatch software solution that includes data analytics capabilities help businesses to manage performance via real-time and historical data, comparing performance between drivers, departments, divisions, and more. Pre-set or custom reports, along with live analytics accessed via dispatcher dashboard can provide valuable information that companies can use for actionable insights.

6. Scalability
As the fleet grows, the challenges faced by dispatchers grow exponentially. This problem makes scalability a concern for companies considering a fleet management software solution. A fully functional dispatch management solution should have the capability to scale up as necessary, to accommodate an unlimited number of drivers as well as unlimited dispatchers.

Managing a fleet of delivery drivers, balancing the need for customer satisfaction with cost efficiency, safety, and asset optimization is a complicated proposition. However, taking advantage of technological solutions with the correct features can help a dispatcher manage competing priorities and potentially gain an advantage in a competitive business environment.

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