Introducing The Dispatcher: Issue 1


Looking Ahead: 11 Predictions On How Drone Deliveries Will Work

As commercial drones gain in popularity, businesses and consumers are speculating about the technology's future role in logistics. Will the systems allow for smarter deliveries at lower costs?

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5bbaa5d9ab096.imageThe Quick and The Late: Testing Same-day Delivery

Same-day delivery offers the tantalizing convenience of online ordering with nearly the . same immediacy of store buying. But how well are stores pulling it off?

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E-Commerce Industry’s Last Mile Needs Create New Demand for Old Warehouse Space
CRE developers can use everything from old government facilities to brownfield sites to capitalize on the need for last mile warehouses.
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You Can Send a Scary Clown to Deliver Doughnuts (and Nightmares) to Your Friends
You don't really know how much you love doughnuts until you're faced with the decision of whether or not it's worth it to snatch one from the hands of a scary clown.
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Cannabis Delivery Is the Next Big Trend in the $10 Billion Marijuana Industry
Staying ahead of the curve is how you make the most money in the stock market, which is why we're eyeing the explosive new cannabis delivery sector.
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Swift Tip: Use Your Data to Find Efficient Gaps
  • The heatmap shows where you are currently doing deliveries....but our Swift Experts suggest using what you don't see.  
  • Analyze the empty spots to target new or restrict low volume delivery areas!
  • Use your average delivery by hour or day of the week for smart driver roster planning.