10 Route Optimization Software Features Needed For Delivery Businesses

Intelligent route dispatching systems are the new delivery management standard. Route planning technology goes far beyond the traditional ‘point A to point B delivery’ module, enabling an agile operational workflow between dispatchers, fleets, and customers with on-demand flexibility using real-time data.

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Using dynamic route optimization, you can turn your delivery business — whether an SME or enterprise — into an end-to-end technological solution by:

- Reducing resource overtime and costs
- Inspiring customer and employee loyalty
- Completing missed and last-mile deliveries
- Preventing delivery errors and exceptions

Given that ideal route optimization features can build the road to your business success, let’s discuss which ones will help you disrupt your supply chain planning for the better.

Automated Dispatching
Delight your customers by delivering their order at the right time and place. This feature selects the best driver and vehicle based on delivery time, direction, driver availability, current vehicle load capacity, and more.

Smart Routing
Take unpredictability out of delivery management. Smart routing develops cost-effective routes by providing instant data on traffic, weather, and optimal speed. As a result, you save time, fuel consumption, vehicle costs, and accommodate more delivery drops.

Customer Loyalty Booster
People tend to be skeptical about timely deliveries. By providing real-time information and interacting with them via a live delivery route map, real-time ETA or even auto SMS replies, you’ll build customer loyalty and encourage repeat purchases.

Real-Time Job Tracking
Now you can eliminate guesswork by analyzing delivery tracking as it happens. This way you can choose and safely guide drivers to deliver parcels without delays, wasted miles and idle time. Decrease your bottlenecks and improve your fulfillment rate.

Real-Time Service Feedback
Get the front-row seat to how customers feel about your delivery management. Once you proactively listen, respond and mitigate, people will trust you enough to convert as lifetime customers.

iOS and Android Courier Apps
An easy-to-use, responsive courier app makes both the driver’s and dispatcher’s jobs much easier. Drivers should be able to get directions and view their delivery run, contact the customer and receive feedback, collect digital signatures to prove delivery, receive new tasks from the dispatcher, and more.

Proof of Delivery

Another crucial feature is streamlining proof of delivery. Manage and scale your operational efficiency and encourage a transparent relationship with buyers. Besides, involved employees get satisfaction from a job well done.

White-labeled Booking Form

People love to buy without a fuss, especially if they are repeat customers. If you simplify the tedious ordering task with a booking form, customers will be able to log in and quickly place delivery requests. Dispatch and manage the delivery the instant that the order has begun.  

Live Management Dashboard

Bring your fleet management under one roof. The skimmable dashboard gives you a real-time account of available drivers, delivery reassignments, order pickups and drop-offs, and delivery status.

API Integration

You can drive business efficiency by incorporating the existing logistics system with a route optimization API on your site and app. Not only do you get to develop a seamless infrastructure, but you can also send the same calls-to-action and provide a consistent delivery experience.

Route optimization hands you the power to focus on scaling your business while automating cost-effective, optimal distribution logistics. By empowering your delivery workflow with these ten features, you will drive your overall business value-add and customer satisfaction.

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